Extension Week: Write a True Story

Post date: Jan 22, 2018 2:44:47 PM

This week students in Grade 2 will be writing their first stories of the year. We have been focusing this month on how to write a multi-paragraph narrative using a 1-2-3 model. Students have learned the different parts and elements of a story and how they fit into this model.

1-2-3 stands for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd paragraphs. In the first paragraph we have the beginning where our main characters, setting, and important background information are introduced. In the 2nd paragraph, we have the middle or the action part of the story. Here we introduce the problem of the story and tell what happens step by step to solve it. In the third or final paragraph, the problem is solved and an ending, or resolution for the characters is written.

This week, students will begin planning a story using this model and the sheet below. They will then write their own stories that retells an important event from their lives using this model. It will be hard as the kids haven't tried this before, but we will be writing at least 2 more stories this year so by then end of the years I know we will see much improvement.

123 true story prewrite sheet