Extension Weeks: Once Upon a Time

Post date: Mar 26, 2017 10:10:58 AM

These next few weeks, Grade 2 is working on project called "Once Upon a Time: What is a fairy tale?". This project is a culmination of a lot of learning the kids have done this year. In pairs, students select a fairy tale that they as a group love. We have been studying story elements since January, now students will need to take what they know and teach about their fairy tale by writing a summary, a persuasive paper about why they love the story, illustrate a scene, and describe the different elements of the fairy tale. A condensed version of all of this will be put on a display board the students will present.The culmination for this project will be their presentation. On April 13 at the ASLA Student Expo, each group will present their hard work to parents of the ASLA Program. The kids are working hard this week and next to get ready. See the student handout below for all the details about this project.

Once Upon a Time: What is a fairy tale?