P.U.L.S. Class Updates

There is no news yet as our first class of the year doesn't start until September 4. Below is a preview of what we will be covering in class this year.

Stories of Ray Bradbury

A look at some of Ray Bradbury's most influential short stories and the themes and topics he wrote about decades ago that still impact us today.


This will be the first time I teach this modern comic classic. We will use the epic to review the foundations of the a hero story and the ideas of good and evil therein.

The Giver

This timeless classic looks looks closely at the importance of the individual compared to society. It is an exploration of what it means to be free.

Animal Farm

Orwell's allegory of the rise of the Soviet Union is a warning on how evil is hard to recognize and how it usually comes with good intentions. It still holds up today.

The Joined Nations is another important part of PULS. Visit the JN website to learn more.