Final Suicide Prevention Ad Campaign projects

Post date: May 9, 2015 7:33:46 AM

We wrapped up the final project/assignment for the year today. In groups, students were to design an ad campaign with logo, slogan, and ad for the Taipei City Government that targets teens. This was an assignment to go with our unit on teen suicide and other issues facing teens using the book Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. Today, each group presented their projects to two marketing and design experts. Those experts heard the groups' ideas and provided feedback in both design and marketing.

Before viewing the recorded presentation, take a minute and see the work from each group below.

Audrey, Wendy, Jacqueline, Sabrina - Hand + Hope = Life


Matthew, Kris, Nicole, Lulu - Together we are better.

Suicide Prevention Ad Campaign

Sean, Jacob, Austin - We care about you.


Project Presentations

Below is the recording of the presentations. We ran into some technical difficulties after we started with an echo that started up for no reason. We couldn't stop and restart because it was a live broadcast, but most of the feedback and presentations should be ok.