This Week: Half-Chicken

Post date: Apr 16, 2017 11:40:56 AM

This week we are reading a folk tale translated from Spanish, Half-Chicken. The story tells of a chicken who was born only as half-a chicken. He doesn't die though. He goes on to do some amazing things and goes on amazing adventures. Folktales are stories that began long before written history. We often don't know the authors and they provide outlandish explanations for everyday things. In this case, why are there weather vanes on top of houses? The kids will have to wait to read to find out.

This week we are getting back to normal after the Expo and studying our vocabulary, spelling, and writing. We will be working on our next story this week too. Students are preparing their fantasy stories that we hope to finish the first week of May. Please remind your child to study the spelling words. I have posted the weekly handout and vocabulary slideshow below to help. We will have a spelling test on Friday.

Mediopollito Half Chicken vocabulary words