Extension Week: Writing an Expository Essay

Post date: Jan 22, 2018 2:42:29 PM

This week students are working on their second essay of the year: an expository essay. An expository essay differs from a persuasive one in that it's purpose is to give information about a topic rather than argue a position or opinion. these essays are very common in secondary and post-secondary classrooms around the world. Therefore it is very good practice for the kids to prepare for the next level.

Again, the focus will be mostly on organization. I want the kids to learn the parts of an essay and practice structure in their essays properly. the editing phase of this project will give them opportunities to work on their writing craft and mechanics. Students will be answering on of three questions from the packet below and will be expected to construct a properly formatted essay using facts and details from our textbook.

We will begin the week prewriting our essays and organizing our ideas. Then students will be expected to draft and edit twice before producing a final copy. It is my hope that this practice helps them develop this very important writing skill. Below is the assignment packet the students received from class. Please help your child review it this week.

Expository essay assignment