Extension Project: Our "Fruit Bowl" Project

Post date: Sep 24, 2017 10:28:31 AM

It's finally here! This week, the 6th grade class will begin its first extension activity: Our "fruit bowl" project. This activity comes straight from our reading last week. The idea is that writers use words like painters use paint. When two painters paint the same bowl of fruit, the results are never identical. The same goes for writers. Give different writers the same elements of a story to work with and they will manipulate words differently to create very different works.

For this project we will be writing our own “Fruit Bowl” Project like what we read about in our textbook. The students' task is to create pieces of writing of any genre that includes the seven elements below. They will begin by drafting at least four different ideas in your journal (some can be short, but not all.) They will then choose your favorite three to edit and make into final drafts.

Their final drafts should be written with graphics and text features and displayed in a creative way. These will be hung outside the the Red Doors for all of Happy Kids to see how awesome they are. They will also be posted on the class website.

The seven elements that students must include in their pieces are listed below. I think we will have some very creative work this year.

The Seven Elements

    1. Happy Kids (6th Floor)

    2. 6th grade English class

    3. a girl screaming in agony

    4. a delinquent throwing a book

    5. a delicious piece of chocolate cake

    6. a cockroach

    7. garbage landing on a head