Maus Novel Study Unit

Post date: Nov 6, 2013 3:22:37 PM

We are now getting into your Maus Unit for the year. As I explained last Saturday, this book is probably the best book you can read about the Holocaust. It reads easily, and with the pictures, it puts the horrors of the event into a tolerable but gruesome reality. Furthermore, the novel is layered. On the surface it is a survival story, but the extended visual metaphor of the nationalities/ethnicity of the characters being portrayed as animals and the use of other symbols gives this book depth few other Holocaust novels have. I know you will enjoy reading it.

This unit has been put entirely online. We are currently working on the WWII Website Project. It is the big assignment for the first half of this unit, but there are some other small assignments that can be completed as well for extra resource points. Head over to the Maus Unit website and get yourself some extra credit. There is also some good research material for your websites there too.