Design an Eyptian Temple

Post date: Oct 4, 2012 3:03:42 PM

This week we are doing one of our first group projects where you will play the role of a Master Stonecutter in Ancient Egypt tasked by Pharaoh himself to design and build a temple to honor the gods. To complete this project you will need to do some reading, art, and present your work to the class. This is a good warm-up for larger, upcoming projects that we have this year. So here is the assignment:Design an Egyptian Temple

Dear Master Stonecutter,

His Majesty the Great Pharaoh Brunken is seeking to build a temple for the gods. He wants this temple to show the god or goddess it is dedicated to how much he reveres the gods so they, along with Great Pharaoh, will watch over Egypt and keep us all safe and the Nile strong.

You are tasked with choosing a temple for a god of your choice. The temple should use architecture common in other Egyptian temples and hold the images and symbols of the god you chose. You and your team should plan to prepare the following to present to Pharaoh himself on the 23rd day of the third month of Akhet (October 13th) in class. Your presentation should include:

  • A floor plan or sketch, quick drawing, of the temple that shows where everything will be and give Pharaoh an idea what it will look like

  • An explanation about why you chose what you did and other unique features of your design

  • An explanation of how your temple will serve its god and the people of Egypt.

  • A poster or some kind of visual to present your information and “sell” your idea.

Good luck. Poor designs may or may not be fed to Lord Crocodile in the Nile.

To complete this assignment you may want to first look through the information at and the following slideshows:

Egyptian Architecture images.ppt
Egyptian Architecture Presentation.ppt