Finishing up Forbidden City

Post date: Mar 6, 2015 4:14:05 PM

We have just two weeks left in your Forbidden City unit. The readings from the last few weeks has taken through the climax, the brutal crackdown by the CCP at the hands of the PLA and Alex's struggle to survive. We will be working on the following in the coming two weeks.Reading Quiz

In class on March 7, we will be taking this class. It is available online, so if you miss class, please open the it up here and take it when you have a chance.

Tank Man

We will spend a some time watching the footage of the "Tank Man" who rose to be a powerful symbol of resistance after the military crackdown. We will be discussing the moment and writing a reflection about it. Take some time to watch the footage. If you are not moved by this man's actions, you have no emotion.

Novel Discussion

We will be discussing the last part of the book both weeks. Please finish reading and come prepared to participate in the discussion. You can find the discussion questions here.

Final Assignment: Survivor's Tale

You have now finished reading Forbidden City. You know about the protests, the people involved, the city, and are familiar with the story of one fictitious survivor. Now it is time to role play. For this assignment, you will pretend you have just survived the night of June 4, 1989 in Beijing, and you are now sharing your tale with the world. Learn more below or open the assignment here.

Forbidden City Final Assignment: A Survivor’s Tale