Grade 2 Class Updates

Week of January 10

This week the Grade 2 class continues its unit on the parts of a story by reading a wonderfully fun book called Office Buckle and Gloria. This book tells of a police officer who teaches safety but always gets ignored until he takes on a partner, Gloria the police dog. This book explores the benefits and challenges of cooperation in a fun and hilarious way. We will be practicing vocabulary related to the story, how to abbreviate people's titles, and practice identifying how cause and effect drives the plot of a story. Students will also be preparing to write their own stories as they review the parts of a story and begin prewriting. For this week's lesson resources, click here.

Week of January 3

Sorry for not posting the last few weeks. The skids have mostly been working on their persuasive papers and getting a video ready to share with their pen pals. They've done a great job writing. I will post their work here when it is finished being scanned.

This week, we are back in Journeys working on the lesson for the folk tale How Chipmunk Got His Stripes. This is a fun little story that was told Native American children by their ancestors to explain aspects of nature and the human character. We will work on vocabulary on Monday, grammar on Wednesday, our reading skill on Thursday, and do a short writing lesson on Friday. Our grammar skill for this week is an important one, subject-verb agreement. Our reading skill this week is using story details to determine character traits. For writing we will be looking at how stories are put together in preparation for our first story writing later this month. Lesson materials for this week can be found here.

Week of December 6

This week, the Grade 2 class finished up our research reports. If you want to take a look at the finished reports you can go here.

We also worked on the lesson out of Journeys for a biography of Helen Keller. while we didn't finish the lesson because the kids bought a free day with their earned class dollars, we worked through the vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and reading lesson. Click here to view the lesson materials. On Monday we will be starting our persuasive writing unit and work on that until Christmas Break.

Week of November 29

This week Grade 2 is finishing up our research reports and working on a lesson from Journeys centered around the reading selection "Schools Around the World". We will work with vocabulary, learn and practice the use of quotation marks in writing, and practice the reading skills of author's purpose and comparing and contrasting. To view resources from this lesson please go here.

Week of November 22

This week in Grade 2 we are learning how to write a research report. This assignment tasks the kids with applying what they've learned so far about paragraph construction and the organization of main ideas and details, topics and subtopics. They have all chosen an animal that they are interested in learning more about. They will do some basic research and notetaking, some prewriting to organize their ideas, and then write a 4-5 paragraph report on their animal. You can take a look at the assignment sheet below to get an idea of the process the kids will be working through. I can't wait to see those reports.

Research Report Prewrite and Instructions

Week of November 15

Sorry for the late post. This week the class is looking more closely at informative writing . We are reading Jellies from our textbook and looking at how facts and opinions are used in writing. At the end of the week, students will begin the rehearsal and prewriting stages of their research papers on an animal of their choice. Remember, spelling test on Friday. Go here to get more information and resources about this week's lessons.

Week of November 8

This week the Grade 2 class is continuing its work with nonfiction. We will be reading Super Storms and taking a close look at how expository writing is organized into topics. This will be an important week to get the kids ready for their big write at the end of the month. For lesson materials and more details, click here.

Week of November 1

This week the Grade 2 classes are moving into a new unit. In November we will be reading and writing nonfiction. This is an important set of lessons where students will look closely at how nonfiction is structured and how to find information efficiently when reading it on their own. This week we are reading Animals Building Homes. For lesson materials and more details, click here.

Week of October 18

This week and next, the Grade 2 classes will be applying what we've learned about complete paragraphs and friendly letters and writing our first multi-paragraph composition: a letter to our pen pals. The kids just learned who their pen pal in Ms. Suleman's class and will be working on a detailed letter next week. These letters will be shared and answered by our pen pals this year. The kids are already really excited. More details about this assignment can be found in the document below.

Pen Pal Letter #1 Assignment Sheet and Instructions

Week of October 4

It's October! This week our focus will be on a new lesson out of Journeys. Our reading focus will be Diary of a Spider. This is a fun story that the kids are sure to love. We will be practicing cause and effect, long vowel spelling, nouns, and paragraph writing this week. The kids are still wrapping up their Coats of Arms which will be displayed on 2nd floor of the school as early as this week. I hope you can all come and check them out. Please go here for lesson details and materials for this week.

Week of September 27

This week the students are working on making a Coat of Arms for their families. this coat of arms will use symbols and colors that they feel represent themselves and their family members. After making their coats of arms, students will apply last week's writing lesson of writing a proper paragraph by writing about the choices they made to represent their families. This project will be on display outside of the school next week. Don't' forget to visit.

Weeks of September 13 and 20

We just wrapped up our post cards to send to our pen pals in Kenya. I'll be sure to take some pictures and put them up here this week. We are moving on to our next lesson in Journeys this week. We are reading My Family where we will be practicing the reading skill of comparing and contrasting. We will be also be reviewing sentence structure and short vowels. Click here for more details and lesson materials.

On Friday, due to the holiday, we will be moving on to our final Journeys lesson for this month. In that lesson we will be reading another Henry and Mudge story called "Under the Yellow Moon". A great tale about fall. We will be practicing the reading skill of author's purpose, long vowels, and types of sentences. We will also learn how to structure and write a paragraph as we get ready for our first big writing assignment. Click here for more details and lesson materials.

Week of September 6

This week we are beginning our first lesson out Journeys. We will be reading from Henry and Mudge: the First Book. For lesson details and materials, please click here.

Week of August 30

We're back! It was a longer summer than normal, but for the first time since May 15, ASLA students are back in Happy Kids. I know I've missed the sounds of joy and friendship in the school halls. After seeing the kids today, I know they are glad to be back too.

This week, we are getting the year started with a few activities. Mostly I want to get to know the kids and get them used to me and how I run my class. I've posted the presentation I shared with the kids below for your reference. We are also working a small art project that will contribute to a picture mural of the whole Happy Kids family that will look similar to what is displayed outside of the 3F door. Finally, we will be crafting postcard to send to our pen pals in Nairobi, Kenya. I hope you saw the letter introducing the project. If not, it is also posted below.

Grade 2 Orientation
Our Pen Pal Project